NRAS Rentals Perth

National Rental Affordability Scheme

National Rental Affordability Scheme is available to all the low and moderate-income Australians who cannot pay the high market rental rates. The following is an eligibility criterion to rent NRAS property to potential tenants.

• To rent an NRAS property the tenant needs to provide proof of their gross net income for the last 12 months before the day they enter the residency, both with their initial application and every year afterwards; and
• Another condition is that the tenant should not exceed the income limits for their household type for more than 25% during the last two consecutive years.

The gross income of all tenants of an NRAS rental property is used to calculate the overall household income for that property.
Due to the very high demand for these properties, it is tough for the Australian Government to guarantee that any tenant will be able to rent a property under the particular scheme.

How to apply for NRAS rentals in Perth?

This is to be noted that the Australian Government will not select any tenants or share any type of waiting list for dwellings supported by the NRAS scheme. This process is taken care of by the approved participant or tenancy manager of the dwellings. The complete selection criteria of the tenants for NRAS dwellings are judged by and at the discretion of, the approved participant or tenancy management organization. Until commonwealth and local state NRAS eligibility criteria are met, all the decisions will be made in line with their usual policies and processes.


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