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Mod Property Group are the leading specialists in property management in Perth, servicing clients across all of the Perth metropolitan area. Property management is the core of our business, and we are committed to helping our clients manage their investments effectively, to reap the benefits of strong rental returns and long term capital growth.

Our skilled team of property management experts are highly experienced at navigating and interpreting legislation, codes, regulations and guidelines – Essential for the protection of our clients’ important assets. We invest heavily in knowledge, training and professional development, so we continually stay on the forefront of changes in the property industry.

From finding quality tenants in a timely manner, to keeping on top of rental payments and closely monitoring your property to ensure it is in good condition, our property management specialists are 100% dedicated to minimising your liability financially, making your property investment journey as smooth and profitable as possible.

Speak to us to see why property owners, investors and developers choose Mod Property Group to manage their rental investment properties. We guarantee a quality, stress free property management experience, which will not only give you peace of mind, but ultimately help you grow your property portfolio and overall net wealth.

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High Quality Property Management Services

We at MOD Property Group are passionate about providing the highest quality of service to managing properties in Perth and surrounding suburbs. Being an independent agency, we are able to quickly implement the latest technologies and efficient business processes without compromising on quality and customer service.

We have a strong focus on passing the savings onto our clients. Our ability to reduce traditional real estate agency overheads without compromising on quality enables us to offer our clients the highest level of service at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate agencies in Perth.

Through experience, we understand the needs of our clients and above all we believe in building long standing relationships with our clients based on the core values of trust, honesty and integrity.

Flat Fee Property Management Perth

Hire the wrong property manager and you can lose overnight! Location, price, and rehabilitation are important factors in real estate investment and are very important.

With the right property management company in place because you can make a mistake or experience a negative turnaround in a market or neighbourhood and still get a good return on your investment through positive cash flow. A good property manager protects your long-term investment and also offers Flat Fee Property Management Perth.

What Property Management Fees Should You Pay in Perth?

Understanding what Property Management Fees you should pay in Perth can be confusing and complex. With so many different fees it is easy to be unsure about what you get for your money. We are here to peel back the layers and explain the fees and offer an easy solution to take the stress and complexity away.

The “Management Fee” is the main fee in a lease for a residential property in Perth. This fee covers rent collection, issuing notices, preparation of statements, payment of accounts, arrangement of maintenance, invoicing and collection of outgoings such as water consumption. This can be as little as 6.00% up to 9.00% (both including GST). The difference in the range is usually to do with the experience and skills of the Property Manager.

A simple guide to Perth property management fees

When considering using a rental manager, the first thing many landlords research is property management fees. After all, your investment property is an income stream — and a good Perth property management company like MOD Property Group shouldn’t eat into your rental yields. However, figuring out how much you’ll have to spend can be easier said than done. Many agencies who offer rental management hide unexpected fees in the fine print, or itemise every cost down to the last paperclip!

Commonly itemised property management fees in Perth

Traditionally, many rental property managers itemise their services and charge each item individually. Landlords may be charged a fee for:

Management – usually a percentage of rent collected, but some agencies charge a percentage of all money collected, which can mean extra every time your tenant pays a bill!

  • Letting/leasing
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Pre-letting inspection and mandatory
  • Property Condition Report
  • Routine inspections and reports
  • Final inspections and bond reports
  • Lease renewal
  • Administration fees.

Because every tenancy is different, you can’t know upfront what services you’ll need or the property management costs. You can, however, pay attention to what items you’ve agreed to pay for, and the fees for each item. Fees can easily eat into your rental yield, so you must make sure you’re not paying over the odds.

All inclusive property management fees

Many real estate agencies offer an all inclusive management fee, charging a percentage of rent (or money collected) as high as 11%. In theory, this covers everything including your leasing fees. In reality, it’s difficult for every aspect of property management to be covered by a single fee. A management fee outside regular management can spring up, for example for:

court appearances
any extra advertising/marketing
processing insurance claims
inspecting work by tradespeople
Clarify whether these items are ‘extras’ and whether you’ll be hit with ongoing fees, or you’ll end up paying more than you bargained for!

What fees do we charge ?

Mod Proeprty Group has a team of experienced property managers dealing with rental properties only. We don’t sell real estate – we’re not real estate agents. We understand that you want value when paying for property management services. You want transparency about costs. Learn more about the benefits of using a property manager. We’re proud to say our property management fees are truly all-inclusive — we charge three fees only. These are:

1. Letting Fee 

A letting fee covers the cost of finding new tenants and is fixed throughout the letting process. It includes:

professional photography of your vacant property
featuring your property on multiple sites
vetting applicants via all three leading tenancy databases
the initial property condition report
all activities needed to find your ideal tenant. On that last point, we must stress the importance of securing good long term tenants to guarantee cash flow and help protect your investment’s resale value.

2. Management Fee

Our management fee will cover ongoing administration costs and everything, from quarterly property inspections, arranging repairs and maintenance, down to postage and administration. It also pays for services like:

processing insurance claims
repairs and maintenance duties
searching tenancy databases
attending strata meetings
preparing statements.
We charge one flat management fee so you won’t have unexpected costs!

What do we recommend? – We might be biased, but we think our rental property management fee structure is one of the best in the business – as our clients always know what to expect. Each month you’ll know what is going into your account, and when. If you like to keep things simple and know where you stand, why not email us or give us a call to discuss about managing your property?

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Our property management team is headed by our Director, with years of experience in the property management industry and also approach as an investor.

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Our property management fees are suited to investors ensuring they receive the maximum returns on their rental property.

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Our client receive the rent on a regular basis, therefore helping our clients improve their cash flow and ultimately save them on interest charges.

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Our unique approach to providing property management services is unparalleled. By offering the right package, excellent services and an can-do attitude, we are confident we won’t need to lock you into contract – ever.


Our carefully crafted communication process and the use of technology, we ensures that our clients are regularly updated on all fronts of their investment property, including on all maintenance.

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You have 24/7 access to all relevant property information, statements, account balances and tenant payments in real time.

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