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Mod Property Group is a Perth-based property sales and management team delivering all property services, with a particular expertise in the area of property management. MOD Property Group is an innovative property management company dedicated to managing properties in Perth and its surrounding suburbs. We specialize in all aspects of property management and property rental. MOD will ensure your property is managed by an experienced, reliable and diligent property manager.

Fees to Sale Property

Property Management Fees in Perth

Mod Property Group specializes in property management services exclusively for investors. Our core aim is to provide property investors a high quality, stress-free property management experience, with a package that is sure to maximize your rental income and guarantee you peace of mind.

Get best results with our market-leading approach to property management. We understand that property management is a crucial part of a larger property investment journey, which is why we believe it shouldn’t be viewed in isolation. Your investment is our passion – so we do things a little differently and cap our anagements-per-agent at way below the industry norms. So our team can consistently offer the best service to our landlords and quality tenants throughout the Perth. We love rentals, we love rental management and we would love to look after you.

Perth Property Management Specialist

Flat Fee Property Management

Fees to Sale Property
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Skilled and Qualified Property Managers

These days it is very difficult to find the right property manager that will not only helps you to give the maximum return on investment but also take good care of your property. Mod Property Group is a Perth-based property sales and management team delivering all property services, with particular expertise in the area of property management. We have a team of skilled and qualified property managers service at which covers a large number of suburbs, from Rockingham all covering up to Joondalup. Moreover, we have experienced staff dealing with both houses as well as apartments.

Perth Property Management Specialist The Absolute Solution For Your Property Management

Property Management Fees Perth

We at MOD Property Group are passionate about providing the highest quality of service to managing properties in Perth and surrounding suburbs. Being an independent agency, we are able to quickly implement the latest technologies and efficient business processes without compromising on quality and customer service.

We have a strong focus on passing the savings onto our clients. Our ability to reduce traditional real estate agency overheads without compromising on quality enables us to offer our clients the highest level of service at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate agencies in Perth.

Through experience, we understand the needs of our clients and above all we believe in building long standing relationships with our clients based on the core values of trust, honesty and integrity.

Management Fees Rental Property

There are several ways that property owners are charged: percentage-based fee, flat rate fee and per project fee. The most common rental property management fees in Perth is the percentage based fee. Usually, this fee is 10% of the gross rental income of the property, but it can go lower or higher.

When it comes to services included in the rental property management fees in Perth, property owners has to set the services that they require from a property manager. Different kinds of property may need different degree of experience and services. Just to make sure that property owners are getting what they want for their property and property managers are fairly compensated for the work, tasks and duties should be clearly defined.

With the continuing competition between rental property managements in Perth, some companies offer incentives to attract more clients.

Flat Fee Property Management Perth

Hire the wrong property manager and you can lose overnight! Location, price, and rehabilitation are important factors in real estate investment and are very important.

With the right property management company in place because you can make a mistake or experience a negative turnaround in a market or neighbourhood and still get a good return on your investment through positive cash flow. A good property manager protects your long-term investment and also offers Flat Fee Property Management Perth.

All inclusive property management fees Perth

All-inclusive management fee means that property owners are charged an all-inclusive rate that cover’s everything to do with the day-to-day management of a residential property. Generally, it will be charged as a percentage of total income on the property.

At the start of the management agreement, the agency and owner may agree to fix the fee, which is effectively the same as an all-inclusive fee, meaning there are no additional fees in the day-to-day management of a property.

Benefits of an all-inclusive include being able to accurately forecast the cost of a management with no surprises, which assists in cash flow from month to month, it is also more transparent and can be easily reconciled, for example an owner can easily calculate the total cost of a property manager.

Why choose us for Perth Property Management?

The answer is very simple and straightforward. You will get access to multiple specialist teams and managers that make the experience of owning a property as smooth and within the given budget for you as possible. Highlights of a award-winning team will include:

• A Property Manager who is available 24×7 to answer all your questions regarding the pre and post-sales activities. Moreover, a trustworthy manager to take care of the day-to-day, and dedicated make sure that the property is well looked after to meet the current rental demands of your area.

• Full-time experienced managers that work without any instructions 24×7 to give you peace of mind that your property will be taken care of all the time.

• A dedicated financial expert team to handle all the financial aspects of your property.

• Experienced Inspections Officers that will handle regular and careful inspections, to make sure that your property is well maintained.

Above all a Head of Department who is in charge of the overall department takes care of all the assigned managers and is always available in person or via phone if you ever needed. • We have a strong focus on providing the best customer service experience to our prestige clients.


Q1. What do property management company do?

Ans : Property management company act as a third party between the landlord and the tenant, dealing with everything from pre-tenancy requirements, to rental inspections, lease compliance and coordinating maintenance and repairs.

Q2. What areas do Mod Property Group service?

Ans : Mod Property Group is a leading property management company who service the entire Perth region including north and south.

Q3. What is MOD Property Group’s property management fee structure?

Ans : Rental property management fees in Perth can vary depending on the fee structure, the number of properties being managed and your individual requirements. At Mod Property Group, we offer two straight-forward and transparent fee structures. The best option for you will depend on individual factors such as whether you have long or short-term tenants and your requirements in terms of cashflow management. Our property managers will discuss this with you in your initial consultation to help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

Q4. Can I change my property management company?

Ans : As a general rule, you can change property managers whenever you want to (including mid-lease), with minimal disruption to both you and your tenant. However, switching property managers will be more complex if you’re still within the fixed term of your management authority. For more information on switching providers call us now.

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