Get better outcomes with our market-leading property management strategy. Mod Property Group believes that property management shouldn’t be seen in isolation since we recognise that it is an integral aspect of a bigger real estate investment journey.

Beyond routine management, we take a 360-degree approach to your property’s performance, working with our in-house finance and property experts to reduce risk and maximise returns at each stage of the property management process.

This 360-degree approach makes sure you receive specialised knowledge in all facets of managing your property and never miss a beat when it comes to the success of your portfolio. We are regarded as one of the top property management businesses in Perth as a result of this.

Get in touch with Mod Property Group today to organise an obligation-free discussion about your property management needs.

Perth’s Property Management Specialists

At Mod Property Group, we minimize your investment’s risk while removing the burden associated with owning a rental property in Perth.

Property Management services

The Mod Property Group staff has extensive experience in several crucial areas that are necessary to surpass clients’ expectations. They take great satisfaction in being leaders in their field, embracing modern technology, and applying an open style that enables thorough procedures and accountability. You can unwind knowing that your property is in capable hands whether it be for marketing, tenant selection, or ongoing maintenance. Mod Property Group can offer a solution for you whether you are an experienced investor or you have unexpectedly found yourself in the position of landlord.

Reasons to Select Mod Property Group


We are a team of experts that has a thorough understanding of this sector, the ability to tackle any complex problem, and the best solutions.

Aflexible, individualised strategy

Every part of our approach, tenant-matching process, and level of care is tailored to each individual home.
Excellent teamwork, always

We are aware that cooperation produces the best results for tenants, homeowners, and investors.

Pleased to hear from the clients

We are aware that your property and investment are on the line. We’re here to listen and provide the finest service we can for your special property.

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